Bjorn Stormwolf is the twelfth Wolf Lord I’ve painted. He’s the last of the original 12 Wolf Lords on the Grand Annulus and the finishing point for the project as I set out to do about 3 years ago now. The closer I got to finishing the twelve the further away it seemed to get.

He’s big and brash and likes loud noises. He also ended up in the stomach of a Tzeentch giant but my version is set before that. Although I did let that influence the direction I went with him. I basically wanted him to look like you wouldn’t want to have him in your stomach and also look like he could find a way out. He’s spiky, carries a giant double headed chainaxe and has a combi melta (sorted).

Here’s an early mock up. The Brian Blessed head was essential for the loudest Wolf Lord. The axe is made from two of the huge Wolf Guard terminator axes stuck together. This was originally made for a Logan Grimnar model I was making. He got released (on sled), so I had all the spare parts left over. He mostly ends up as my Kjarl Grimblood but his axe is here. I then made it a chainaxe for Bjorn. The chain part carefully sliced from chainswords and glued in place. As much as I liked this pose the difficulty with converting a model with a double handed axe made me have to change it. Also possibly I felt like the axe was too far off to the side. As it was years ago now I can’t really remember. But I quite like that pose now looking back.

Here is the pose I ended up with. He would stay like this for about 2 years. I finally finished painting him very recently.

As he’s Stormwolf I did some glowing runes with a hint of lightning on the axe. As if he was bringing the storm with him.

There he is all finished. The next thing to do is to try and get all 12 Wolf Lords photographed at the same time…

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