Do you have 50 shelves of grey? Hopefully you have less now after joining in with everyone else on the #12monthsofhobby challenge! Month 2 is upon us and I’ve been excited to write this post and see peoples progress!


12 Month of Hobby – each month you aim to “Finish” one model from your backlog and using the scoring I’ve devised below the aim is to be Hobby Neutral / Hobby efficient. Basically you finish and paint as much as you buy.

The second month of this year’s challenge of 2020. You can catch up on the last months by clicking here.

I wanted to add something that is a little less intense and restrictive and open to all. That’s where this comes in its meant to get you inspired and get you painting with an aim of either getting that new army done, clear the backlog of grey plastic, trying something new. It really doesn’t matter the point is to keep hobby going. Progress enables progress – There is no failure.

With that lets see how everyone got on!


I had pledged to do some Stormcast but I’m really not feeling them at the minute, enjoying some Star Wars Legion minis at the minute, also picking up the new Titanicus box set gave me a ‘tiny’ project to round out the month.


Felt like I’ve had a lack of progress as I’ve been really ill but getting back on track and looking forward to more Sisters of Battle shenanigans. 


This month I pledged a single model. I normally paint so much faster than a model a month. But not all models are as fancy as a forgeworld land raider I guess. I knew the plan before I started. I wanted a chaos tank that wasn’t covered in spikes and trim, so I aimed to get “Daemon trapped, well, bound into the machine” look. In my head the whole thing would be constantly moving, swirling, eyes blinking, appearing, disappearing, that sort of thing. I went slow, it’s all documented on twitter. Would I try this again? Not right off the bat! 

Dr Orktagon

February saw me complete Judas, the metal mini I bought from Meirce last year when I felt I should support more independent model companies. It was my tick for the ‘assemble an old mini’ Question in January’s round up. This month it got completed. 

The Ork and the crates were the focus of my February pledges. Zagstruk was an eBay purchase in 2019 and had been infecting my to-do pile with the faint whiff of Detol ever since. I was really pleased to have him completed. I genuinely dislike whole swathes of painting orks. I both love and loathe their lack of defined colour schemes. I get a bit overwhelmed by the temptation of colour set against the need to try to use a limited and coordinated palette. Minis should look coherent but orks are not exactly known for fashion sense, so it all feels
A bit false. I remodelled the sculpt to change the angle of the head and gun. Other than that, he’s the standard metal mini. 

2 days before January ended I bought a few random minis from someone having a clear out on twitter. Not exactly a new model, more a backlog transfusion, with his hobby pile disappearing and mine
Increasing…and giving me – 15 pts. I was hoping to hold out buying until the new orks were out in March. I am weak, tell me something I don’t know. 


This month was my birthday so I was doomed to take a penalty. But my penalty was a squad of 3 Destroyers which were built within the week, primed and then set onto the battlefield by the end of the month!

In other news I successfully built and primed a unit of the Destroyers, Unit of Immortals, Unit of Tomb Blades, Doom Scythe, Monolith, Command Barge and a Classic Metal Ahriman. Totalling: 15 Models!


A good month, managed to squeeze in painting when I could and spent more time working on edge highlights


Hello! So february has come to an end and two squads join the Sons of Dedalus army. This month went smoother than January because I gave myself a easier goal. Can’t wait to start March pledge, to a painted army and beyond!


I only painted 12 models this month but had quite a few life events so hobby time was limited. 

The Retributor Squad kit is very good but I’ve learnt a lesson not to assemble the Heavy bolters in sub assemblies. They’re quite hard to put back in the end!

Craig (cra1gwt)

Finally completed my pledged models, and also managed to – largely – keep myself from spending on getting lots of new models. I kept myself limited to a new Warhammer Underworlds warband, plus some scenery. i think the 12 months of hobby challenge has helped limit new purchases and focus attention on what I have. 


As expected.. The turmoil at work hampered the progress.. I would really liked to have got the Lt Commander finished to a high standard.. But at least he is battle ready, and the yellow and grey are done, so there is that. 
Also built for AI 2 thunderbolts, 2 marauder bombers and 2 marauder Destroyers.
Built All 8 Space Marines Heroes, a full box of 10 Enforcers, +2 spare enforcers.
Bought, built and painted the SumpKroc – he is just waiting his base. 


Really tough month mental health wise, but I’ve enjoyed experimenting and pushing myself to use new techniques! 🙂


The only thing holding me back this month has been the motivation to actually sit in my chair and paint and the lack of desire to pinwash and edge highlight my Reivers. But I got them all done just in time.


The month passed by quicker than expected, but i managed to achieve my small goals.
Five old metal sisters are ready for battle and, most important, i reworked my old color-scheme and streamlined the recipes for the different materials.
Although i didn’t finish a second squad of new sisters or the three Primaris Intercessors i managed to start with them. 

Beside that i built up all Minis from the first three Conquest issues. Hope i’ll finish most of them next month.


I had a reasonably well planned pledge for this month, but as with all plans real life planning messed up lots of my hobby time.

I did make some progress on my Broadsides and even on the fire warriors, but I could not finish them yet.

Though I am glad that I managed to finish up one unit of 5 pathfinders, so this month doesn’t feel like a complete missed opportunity.

With regards to buying new models, this new Shadowsun model I could just not pass up on! 


It’s been a slow month, but I managed to get the 3 models I planned to finish, finished. Next month will be a bigger scorer for me fortunately, but I really need a bit more motivation in March than I did in February.


The main focus for this month was the Tell of Warlords 2020 and this is where I managed, for once, to finish a model. Huzzah!
As a consequence I did neglect a little the other models but managed to have some colour blocked on some bugbear models anyhow (praise the airbrush god).
All but one model have now a full and decent base, even if it is quite rudimentary sometimes. That’s more than enough for cannon fodder on a rpg mat if you ask me!

Next month will be filled with catching up on the Warlords 2020 front and change of settings with the D&D minis from time to time.

On another note I have to confess I have quite changed my approach. I was batch painting by bunch of 5 and I noticed it is not a method I am happy with. It actually give me little to no satisfaction and I felt a motivation burst when finishing at last a mini this month. For now I will focus on a single model at a time, as much as possible.

Sadly the GW release rhythm/quality and my internet browsing habits are telling me there is a high probability the “Buy New models” answer will be stuck on “Yes” in the future. I will refrain me in this. At least I will try. Or am I fooling myself (again)?

Points Table

Alicia (@Ti_Dinzeo)405595
Dr Orktagon503585
Craig (cra1gwt)154055
Tom Higgins (Tom_The_Hobbit)25025


What a month it has been, everyone has been super productive and the points are showing that! We’ve got what appears to be the usual two smashing out the month with Maddie and Rhiannon both scoring well and right at the top of the table.

My favourite hobbyist’s work from this month have got to be Gonders the detail on that land raider is just unbelievable. The dedication needed for the free hand and the vision is brilliant. I know he struggled during the process and really shows that if you keep pushing to the end the results will speak for themselves.

Also Dr Orktagon’s work on the Ork Stormboy Nob is brilliant I love how the model stacks up as an older sculpt and the movement and pose is brilliant. I may be biased due to the Orks however I feel that the Orks have some of the best sculpts going and no matter the age they all seem to work in any force. The only issue are working with the Finecast.

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