Do you have 50 shelves of grey? Hopefully you have less now after joining in with everyone else on the #12monthsofhobby challenge! Month 2 is upon us and I’ve been excited to write this post and see peoples progress!


12 Month of Hobby – each month you aim to “Finish” one model from your backlog and using the scoring I’ve devised below the aim is to be Hobby Neutral / Hobby efficient. Basically you finish and paint as much as you buy.

The second month of this year’s challenge of 2020. You can catch up on the last months by clicking here.

I wanted to add something that is a little less intense and restrictive and open to all. That’s where this comes in its meant to get you inspired and get you painting with an aim of either getting that new army done, clear the backlog of grey plastic, trying something new. It really doesn’t matter the point is to keep hobby going. Progress enables progress – There is no failure.

With that lets see how everyone got on!

Four Dwarves

I’m glad to join in. I started these dwarves for another painting challenge, but I started halfway through and wasn’t able to finish them. I feel confident I’ll be able to get them done before the end of March.

They are pretty basic miniatures that I plan to use in my D&D games. As such, they’ll probably get somewhat rougher handling than they would if I were the only one touching them. I’ve noticed too, when I dropped one, that they chip kind of easily. So I’m going to protect them with some varnish after I’m done, which I don’t normally bother with for non-metal miniatures for games like Warhammer 40K and the like.


A funny month, but I enjoyed painting these guys.


I had a bit of trouble some times pulling the pledged models up to work on because I wasn’t really feeling it, but I still managed to get them all done in time which I’m happy about.


So a lot of stuff happened, this period has been hectic and full of life changes. But one thing that is constant is the grey tide, an enemy we can fight against staying comfy in our houses. Despite having to change my pledge due to some technical problems. I’m proud to say that this month really old models have seen a new coat of paint: the Mechanicus stuff is a year old and the chaos squad got stripped after being touched for the last time when Dark Vengeance was brand new and shiny!


A little late to the game but hit the ground running. Have been meaning to make a Commissariat Tank for years, so good to get that done. Nice to to see my old wonky rhino getting a new lease of life with a relivery to go with my new Sisters. This month was about rediscovering a lot of skills, but I pushed my limits by applying my first ever transfers on the rhino.


A whirlwind of a month, I haven’t done as much as I should have but of the things I did, I’ve really enjoyed finally painting the Chapter Champion for March for Macragge. Unfortunately, I’ve had to drop my sisters for abit, due to burn out, but I will continue to add to them slowly.


I pledged a lot of stuff (T’au) to do for March but due to the whole virus thing it somehow messed up my total schedule with how the whole family is now at home, though the deadline I had for my T’au army is also extended, so I permitted myself to work on my Death Guard that I had to hand – the poxwalkers and got a nice start on 6 (of 7) plague marines
*I said no on buying new models, but I did get a plague burst crawler for my birthday last Sunday, hope that doesn’t count 😉


No purchases this month, except paints. I managed to paint a whole underworlds warband across the month, which was a great little project.


Repainted stuff and started a new AoS project too!


A really odd month, with all that’s going on. I’ve actually managed so much more than my pledge, but I think that’s going to tick over into next month. Glad I’ve got the buildings done though, they’ve been hanging over me for to long! Also, happy with my latest legio colour scheme, legio interfector. It’s on odd one you don’t see much of, so I’m glad I’ve made it work, the red trim can be off putting!


Been a very busy month for me due to COVID and as such I only had even a handful of models assembled and barely touched a brush. Not sure how next month will be but hopefully I can catch up a little. In the meantime here is the Blackstar I last finished up.

There is also a small set of Death Guard I managed to paint and I hope to display a larger army wide image of my progress thus far for this year for next month’s image… as long as my base spray doesn’t run out.


Guess who didn’t have enough time to paint another few models after his tale of warlords entry… THIS GUY! haha

Next month will be a more varied month for me as I’ve had an unfinished orruk mawkrusha sitting to my right for the last 3 months. Fingers crossed.

JB Paints

Reasonably happy with the month, was hoping to finish the full stormtrooper squad, but it took a bit longer than I’d hoped plus I had a few nights where I wasn’t in the mood for hobbying.

Dr Orktagon

Sweet baby Jesus, what a month. Like everyone in the uk, adapting to to the new covid 19 reality has been tough. Working from home has made separating work, family and personal time really tough. Personal time has been the big loser and so my painting time has reduced. In a highly stressful world, this needs to change.

I did though finish my walky orky. I’ve drilled, weathered, magnetised and kitbashed this. I am really pleased with the end result. I even managed to do 5 Ork boyz, including 3 gorkamorka models I dusted off. It is sad that the posing on these is better than the more recent (decade old) version.


As I’m taking part in the tale of warlords, it’s helping in getting things advancing hobby wise, on the W40K side at least.

My goal this month was to finish models and so did I: a whooping 7 to change from previous months. And even if I didn’t tackle as much D&D minis I wanted to I still finished one.

Next month will be dedicated to finish what’s in the assembled and partially primed/painted box. I might event assemble something. Who knows?


As now surprise, this month was quite a rough ride. The whole situation left not much time for the Hobby. But especially in situations like this, it’s good to have a small space to return to and ignore the outer world for some hours.

So, I wasn’t able to finish the plastic sisters. But some others here did amazing jobs on theirs. I hope my will join them next month.
Instead I finished the Primaris Intercessors from the first conquest issue and an old metal preacher from an Inqusitor-box which gathered dust here since 2005.

Points Table

Alicia (@Ti_Dinzeo)405555150
Dr Orktagon503550135
Craig (cra1gwt)154050105
Tom Higgins (Tom_The_Hobbit)250025
Four Dwarves001515


I think this month has been the best yet for progress and with 16 returns its amazing how many people are really pushing themselves with this challenge – it has blown me away.

I’m sorry if these updates get a bit slower you may or may not know but i work in the NHS and currently work is very pressured and busy. When I’m not tired doing these updates are actually really good for me to take my mind of what is going on.

The table is starting to show everyone has been working really well racking up the points.

My favourite hobbyist’s work from this month have got to be JB paints that Titan Maniple for Adeptus Titanicus is just astoundingly good, I really like the colours used. Gonders was close for me but I’m sure he is cheating by painting a Nemesis “Warbringer”, I really could do with one just to have on my desk at work.

My second pick for the month is Rhiannony’s work just wow this month was a busy month for clearing that backlog. Those Troggoths look amazing! I can apprecaite the work on the endless spells too. I struggle with painting small miniatures especially if small points cost in game so kudos for doing a great job on them! What do you all think?


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