This year has been great for Hobby, and an odd one for health.

We finished our house refurbishment and I gained a space to hobby. Its only too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter.

I’ve managed to really achieve alot this year and i’ve painted my first army in about 5/6 years (Shocking) in the preceeding years i’ve been buying and painting more without really getting stuck into anything.

With the Change to my year and starting both Chaos and Orks I feel like I’ve found where I should be focusing my time hobby wise.

I’ve been posting on Instagram for the last few months and i’m always active on Twitter so you can always keep up on there!


I didn’t get much done in Jan/FebI did lots of building of projects that never really came together for me.

Built some terrain, which i’ve started painting but not focused on yet.

The Knight was started but I lost my way with it. Now it belongs to Ritual and has been re-painted excellently I might add.


March was when I actually got some painting done and finished a Project. We had been playing a fair amount of kill team and I was using my Salamanders and wanted Primaris to keep me going.

I painted a silver skull and then a imperial fist and decided to Try the yellow. It was a good lesson in painting and overall I enjoyed it.


We started playing Nightvault after I brough it for my kids, and I brought myself the grumpy troll Mollog to paint and Play with.

He was great to build and paint and I’m sure that the nightvault warbands really helped me with getting projects completed and building up a head of steam so to speak.

I also painted a single silver skull and a Imperial Fist’s kill team.

May was non-existent for me with Fest and other life commitments it just didn’t happen.

June & July & August

Was an interesting set of months for me, working hard to start the black legion, finished the Havoc squad, Got Typhus almost done and completed my Nemeroth conversion.

I also painted two night vault war bands and then also a single salamander in a scheme from a chap on instagram.

August, September

This was a great couple of months for me. I really was on fire, I finished, 500 points of Black Legion, Painted about 750 points of DeffSkull Orks, Buzzgob, Finished Typhus and got that on Games Workshops website.

October, November

Started to slow down in these couple of months the temperature dropped and thats made it very hard for me to get painting as much as I would like.

Got the Orks up to 1000 points and started working on my next 250 points.

I also spent some time working out what is going to be next years focus for me.


Not much been doing some converting and some building for next year’s project which is Chaos. After failing to finish my black legion I’m going to come back with my second choice chaos legion/warband (Iron Warriors).

I’ve pretty much built a 1000 point list I’m just waiting for Chapter Approved to drop and then I can adjust my list to 1000 points and finalise. couple of characters.

Iron Within – Iron Without

I saw some awesome conversions of Honsou from Megzike and Spedgeymini’s on Instagram and decided I had to get involved and have a honsou model myself.

Wrap it up! It’s Christmas!

Alright, so that’s my year this year. I feel I’ve done really well painted 1 patrol army of Chaos and a full army of Orks, Next year I’m hoping to paint a lot more chaos and get converting again.

My Favourite model I have painted this year is Buzzgob I really enjoyed painting him and feel like I did a great job.

My second Favourite Model would be Typhus I painted him for Rich_Donny_Mutant from twitter as part of a miniswap and I really feel like its probably the best model I’ve painted this year.

How did your year go? What was your favourite model?


    1. Thanks it has been good. I feel frustrated that I could quite keep up the pace over the last few months due to it being so cold in the garage.

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    1. Thank you. I really enjoyed them. They’re not finished I’ve got some more to add but will be pushing the chaos as main force for 2020 will then look at adding units here and there for a break

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  1. Good work man, interesting to see your direction changes throughout the year but cool to see the consistently great work!

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  2. Wow, looks like a pretty darn successful year! Some brilliant painting, indeed! Love the Orks in particular, the beginnings of the Ezekharion are more and promising, and I dearly hope we get to see some paint on that Nemeroth conversion sooner rather than later!

    Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂


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