This year has been a weird one, it started with us packing up most of our house to move, and then it all falling through last minute and unpacking again… Followed by building a room in the garden for all my hobby stuff.

The midddle of the year was fraught with family bereavements – but picked up towards the end with the birth of my second nephew! Always prepared for causing my siblings financial distress by corrupting kids into the way of Wargaming!

At times I have thought I haven’t achieved much this year, periods of low activity due to life, and low motivation, have left me going weeks or months without doing anything productive. Luckily I post everything I do on my Instagram account – and looking back at this has made me realise I have painted a ton of stuff this year!


This was when the house stuff kicked off big time, so we were living out of boxes and I got absolutely nothing done.


I started to get back into the swing of things with some Tomb Queens conversions, and painting and building a few things for my Death army in Age of Sigmar.

Models painted: 12


Heading into March I figured it was time to get to work on the Destruction army I had bought almost 12 months before…

I knocked out a few Orruks, the Troggoth Hag, and even painted some terrain!

Models painted: 11


I carried on working on the Destruction megamix with some more Orruks, but started the month off by painting the Skaven Underworlds team. Getting to use the flueorescent paint for the first time was pretty cool, I’m still looking for more projects to use it on.

Models painted: 16


May saw my first Warhammer Fest! I entered Goldem Demon with the Troggoth Hag and managed to get a finalist pin, which is probably going to be my peak for competitive painting – so very happy with that.

I also used the momentum to power through the final few Orruks for the Destruction army (so far) and the converted Megaboss on Maw Crusha.

Models painted: 3

June & July

I am counting this months together as they were pretty quiet, I spent most of it working on the Knight.

Models painted: 17


Had some fun with the Inquisition portion of my Tales of Four Warlords army this month.

Models painted: 10

September, October, November

I am grouping these together as well, I acheived embarassingly little across these months.

September saw me paint a Leman Russ, although it was just in the one day. Imagine what I could achieve if I managed to be that productive every day…

Models painted: 2


Starting at the end of November and through to just before Christmas I focused fully on a new army – Adeptus Custodes. I felt I was struggling slightly in getting to grips with 40k with a more complicated mixed army – no matter how cool it looked – so decided to knock together a more elite army with fewer rules so I could work up from there.

I came up with a relatively simple paint scheme in order to get through things quickly, and ended up blasting out 12 models in this time.

Models painted: 12

Wrap it up! It’s Christmas!

Alright, so that’s my year this year. Total models painted… 83!

My favourite model I have painted this year is this guy I am using as an Acolyte for my Inquisitor… I think the lighting done with inks on the robes came out particularly well.

Overall a reasonably productive year, could definitely have been more focused – and honestly I ended up buying more stuff for the backlog than I actually painted but I am planning on taking care of that in 2020, more on that in my next post…

How did your year go?


  1. There’s some real quality in there mate – the Inq warband it brill, and that lovely freehand on the Knight is just superb! All the best for the hols mate, looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the NY

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