I’m clearing my backlog in 2020

Well, I’m going to try pretty hard…

I’m not an addict. Addicts go to meetings…

I do have a problem though. I buy a lot of plastic that lives in the box on one of many shelves in my games room that I will one day probably get around to painting. Honest.

The decision was made recently that 2020 is going to be the year that I clear the backlog, one way or another.

The first thing to do is deciding what should stay and what should go… I’m still working through that, but I made a start by deciding what I definitely wanted to get painted and popped it into a spreadsheet…

The list so far

There are still boxes to get through, so this will be added to as I work through it. I am currently up to 151 models to get painted in 2020.

There are also some projects I am simply never going to finish and have no desire to finish – and these I am going to have to pop on eBay. There’s no use in keeping hold of them for the sake of it.

I am going to be methodical with this and use as many shortcuts as I can to get rid of the great grey monstrosity. Contrast paints, oil washes, dry brushes… All of these are going to be my friend.

The money I would normally spend on models is going into a savings account and I’m not allowing myself to touch it until the backlog is cleared!

This is going to take a lot of willpower, but I am determined to get it done. The pile of shame needs to go.

The big question is… What about when it’s cleared? How am I going to stop it building up again?

Well, the biggest thing I am going to try to do is only buy one kit at a time – finish it, and then buy the next one. No more bulk buying armies, or spending that little bit extra for the free postage. I don’t want to have to deal with shelves upon shelves of unfinished projects and boxes any more.

Wish me luck, and watch this space. I am going to post monthly updates on my progress throughout 2020.