Genestealer Cult – Leman Russ Tank

So for the last months Tale of 4 Warlords I optimistically decided to paint 2 troop choices, some bikes, HQ units… etc. I wanted to get some more Command Points and veriety in my army… but alas, this was not meant to be.

In reality, I went camping in the first week, was looking after my wife who was infirm for part of the month… twice, and had a bit of a hobby rut in all of that too as I came to realisation that it would be impossible to complete my goal. However, I could just try to paint something… anything, one thing. one of the thins in my new list was a Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Now those of you that know about the Tale of 4 Warlords format might have noticed that… I wanted to squeeze and awful lot into my next 250 points (the increase in army size each month). When I expressed concern about my willingness and ability to paint my goal I was asked by the others…”18 models?! how many points is that?”.


I wanted to change my army, but in order to change it in any significant, useful way, I needed to try and make a battalion. I started painting the Battle Tank, then got hamstrung by life… but I still had a little time to at least try to finish the tank, so that’s what I worked on. I had bought a few guard tanks of my friend @PandaemoniumM for a bit of extra fire power in my sad melee army, all of which started blue. I decided to keep that sort of navy blue colour for the weathering as if my Cult of the Ultimate End had taken them from the poor guardsman that previously used them.

I haven’t tried to comb through the details with this one like I have with a lot of the others. I mostly concentrated on the weathering, which I sponged on in various layers (which i did in completely the wrong order and at one point with the wrong colour). The next thing I really wanted to get on there was some Genestealers Cult iconography, like graffiti…

Pretty happy with how those turned out. I think I’ll come back to this and do the mud again but for now I’m pretty happy with how it looks. The weathering I think is enough to draw the eye and i’m trying not to get sucked into one project for too long.

Next month I’m taking off from Tale of 4 Warlords as I have some… secret projects to work on. I hope you like the tank, if you have any suggestions and/or advice, please feel free to share in the comments!

~Pandora’s Bitz Box~