The chosen axes are a warband from nightvault from the Duardin Fyreslayers and boy are they cool!

I’m really enjoying these war bands and have thoroughly enjoyed painting them over the last few months. The game itself is also great fun and I get the play it with my kids on the weekends.

I’ve struggled to get these finished. I did Fjul Grimnir a few months ago and got most of the others done and then they just sat neglected. No reason just focused on other projects. They’re not as done as I’d like but they’re good enough for now.

I started these with a black undercoat which is rare for me as I wanted an ash grey skin. I originally wanted a bright green hair and beard but it just didn’t work for me so I stripped them and re-painted them with orange, I’m happier overall with the scheme.

These are fantastic models and I really enjoy the look and if I was going to do a AoS force these would be high on the list for sure

Here is the might Fjul Grimnir and he is a beast and I’m really happy how he turned out.

Finished Warband Images


    1. Sure. It was black then I used mechanicus standard grey and then stormiven fir to get it light then a watered down wash of nuln oil


      1. Thanks for your reply! Stormvermin Fur seems to be the only kind of unique colour in there so that’s the one I’ll pick up. Gonna try jade coloured weapons too

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      2. Jade weapons are cool. Incubi darkness kabalite green syrabite and gauss bluster greens are the way to go


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