Kill Team, its an interesting game. I had lost interest until the Elites expansion which sort of made everything click for me. This has meant I’ve played with the rules and enjoyed them read about my hobby progress after the click.

So Salamanders, I’ve really been struggling with them over the last 6-9 months, my interest has waned due to a number of things. Time being one but also not being completely happy with the colour I’ve been able to achieve. It is too matt and not like my brayarth model nor like my older painted stuff (which I’ve forgotten how to paint). This caused me to try a new scheme and I just don’t feel it. I mean it looks ok but there is something I’m not happy with.

So I decided to try again and put them on hold. I even came close to painting the Shadowspear box as Silver Skulls and stopping the Salamanders completely.

I was searching through Instagram and Pinterest and a chap called liampaintsstuff was showing off his Salamanders and the green is amazing exactly what I imagine salamanders to be! So I reached out to him and we got chatting and he helped me with colours similar to those he uses (which are no longer available) and his method for me to Try.

Here is the finished product and then next to my other salamanders.D7He-QeWkAEjZ1N

That it for me!



    1. ‪First 4 steps are airbrushed
      VMC olive green ‬
      ‪VMC battleship green‬
      ‪4:1 VMC battleship green : Moot Green. ‬
      ‪1:12 Tamiya X25 clear green : X20A thinner. ‬
      ‪Brushed on highlights. ‬
      ‪1:1 Warpstone Glow : Moot Green‬
      ‪Moot Green‬

      Sounds complicated but it took no time to do most of it.


    1. Will have to be when I’ve done all the kill team so I can work in the flames together. I’m also thinking of getting some decals to try!


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