It’s been a while since I last posted and hobby has been a bit up and down but recently I’ve been able to get more done.

This blog post is all about my continuing with Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault and the games and additional warbands i’ve been collecting and painting.

I’ve been diving deeper into Warhammer Underworlds : Nightvault, since picking this up and posting about it (Here). I’ve been playing more games and actually have picked up a couple of warbands and managed to get them built and painted.

Eyes of the Nine

I started these guys and I’m gutted to say i never managed to finish them, I just fell out of love with the models and couldn’t get inspired to finished them. I have since sold them on to my fellow blogger @azwaz who will be taking up their mantle and hopefully finishing them off.

Zarbag’s Gitz

What a blast these little dudes were to paint! I’ve been selective about how i spend my time and been trying to limit myself to finishing a warband in about 2 weeks (1 hour a night). I’m not the fastest painter and it takes me time to get things the way I like so my time is top heavy. Normally taking 1/2 the time to paint 1/2 models and then finish the rest of in the second week.

This is Zarbag and he is such an awesome model, I decided to stick to the pale green skin you’d expect with Goblins and dark-grey / black robes. I made my own wash to get the rusted look i was looking for.


These squigs were an absolute blast and I’ve picked up a Gloomspite Gitz army which is sat in a box and I’ve currently got buyers remorse as i’m not sure they’re actually for me but time will tell.

And here are the rest of the gang painted up in the same vane.

Really enjoying Warhammer Underworld as a game its quick to play, @ritual85 and I have managed to get in 3 games comfortably within 1.5 hours.

The models are absolutely amazing, they’re so detailed and a really good cross section of the armies in Age of Sigmar.

Next up is the profiteers!


  1. I have plans for all of those minis from Eyes of the Nine. Looking forward to incorperating them in different ways.

    I love that Zarbag model you’ve painted so much I’m not sure why, I think it’s the really strong contrast you have with the colours. Great choices and really well executed


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