An introduction and things to come…

Hey, what’s up? I’m new… ish. My name is Dan, you may know me as Ritual from various other places.

I met the other guys of the blog via the UK Hobbyist Discord channel and it turns out we live locally, and everything went from there. If you’re a hobbyist and looking for people to meet up with for games, hobby, or just somewhere to chat then get in touch and we’ll get you hooked up with an invite.

A bit about me; I first got into the hobby Christmas 2016 when my wife bought me the Storm of Sigmar box and a few paints after seeing me looking in awe at the models in the window of a hobby shop in Galway where we were visiting at the time and it all spiralled out from there. I made my first conversion a month or so later when I kit bashed a Skink Priest out of leftover parts…


It’s all been downhill from there. The collections grew, the pile of shame grew, but I’ll get through it all slowly.

I have a few projects planned that I want to document on the blog, including trying out the new Contrast paint on a Sylvaneth army, a converted 40k mixed Imperium army, and my converted and kit bashed Tomb Kings style Deathrattle army.

I’ll leave you with a few of my conversions, some old and one new. Until next time.