Hey, what’s up? I’m new… ish. My name is Dan, you may know me as Ritual from various other places.

I met the other guys of the blog via the UK Hobbyist Discord channel and it turns out we live locally, and everything went from there. If you’re a hobbyist and looking for people to meet up with for games, hobby, or just somewhere to chat then get in touch and we’ll get you hooked up with an invite.

A bit about me; I first got into the hobby Christmas 2016 when my wife bought me the Storm of Sigmar box and a few paints after seeing me looking in awe at the models in the window of a hobby shop in Galway where we were visiting at the time and it all spiralled out from there. I made my first conversion a month or so later when I kit bashed a Skink Priest out of leftover parts…


It’s all been downhill from there. The collections grew, the pile of shame grew, but I’ll get through it all slowly.

I have a few projects planned that I want to document on the blog, including trying out the new Contrast paint on a Sylvaneth army, a converted 40k mixed Imperium army, and my converted and kit bashed Tomb Kings style Deathrattle army.

I’ll leave you with a few of my conversions, some old and one new. Until next time.



  1. Great post, looking forward to more of your work! Would be really keen to see some sort of basing tutorial from you also your basing is always on point. Makes me jealous.

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    1. I’ll definitely work on something for bases… It’s something I feel quiet passionately about so could probably produce quite a few articles on the topic.

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  2. I’m impressed by your conversions. You are really going for it with these. I’m also impressed that you’ve only been doing it a few years. Great bases, they look pro. So I absolutley second posts about bases. Show us how it’s done.

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  3. Yeah man, lovely conversions. Conversions are my favourite part of the hobby and I know you have plenty more where those came from. Excited to see more of your stuff on the blog and hoping all of our efforts will push each other to improve!

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