Finally back on the hobby horse with a return to the Nurgle Kitbash Blood Bowl Team.

So it’s been a little while since I posted. Various little RL issues have kept me from the hobby for about 8 months or so. But I’m back painting and playing again, so I’m happy with that.

Big thank you and well done to my fellow bloggers Pandorasbitzbox and Warbringer for keeping the flag flying for the blog in my absence.

The Blood Bowl obsession has returned and so has the need to finish my Nurgle Blood Bowl team. While my team has been sat on the shelf GW has released an offical Nurgle BB team and a Rotspawn (prev Beast of Nurgle).

Official Nurlge Blood Bowl Team

This hasn’t put me off finishing my own team thank goodness. The new Blood Bowl designs seem to be very much in the must look like Blood Bowl players rather than AoS soldiers who have downed weapons camp. For my old BB tastes they have gone a little too smooth and removed all the spikes and sharp objects from a lot of the new players. The pestigors have strayed quite far from their beastmen origins also. But I don’t want to get into the new release too much as I’d already made my team and decided to stick with it.

Here are a couple of shots of the Nurgle Warriors painted up.

Nurgle Warrior by Krakendoomcool
Nurlge Warriors by Krakendoomcool

Here are a couple of shots of the pestigors painted up.

Pestigor with extra arms by Krakendoomcool
Pestigors by Krakendoomcool

Here is a shot of the team as it stands.

Nurgle Blood Bowl Team by Krakendoomcool

So I still need to add a Rotspawn to the team, I’ve got plans and will hopefully be posting all about it soon.

Great to be back, let me know what you think,



  1. While I am way late to the party, let me say that I really love the Nurgle Team! My favourite part of this project is how it barely uses any actual Blood Bowl parts, but still managed to look perfectly at home in Blood Bowl — an approach very close to my own heart, as I’ve done virtually the same thing with my own Blood Bowl Orcs.

    One small gripe, though: On the Nurgle warrior with the tongue-tentacle emerging from that gnashing belly-mouth, I think painting the tongue in the same colour as the rest of the skin seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity, wouldn’t you agree? 😉

    But anyway, fantastic work! 🙂

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    1. Cheers Buddy!
      Not using Blood Bowl parts was more out of necessity than anything else, when I started this there were only really Metal blood bowl models! There is absolutley no Blood Bowl parts in there. Even the Balls are green stuff.
      With the tongue I was going for a pale insides look for a bit of a change. As it’s so close to the skin colour (literally same high light colour!) it’s not coming across as an interesting feature as I had imagined. I’ll have a think and see if I change it. I’m painting the Beast of Nurgle right now so plenty of time to change it and put it in a future post.
      Thanks for your honesty once again.


      1. Hm, you could always go back and use another wash, add gloss varnish and/or Nurgle’s Rot, thinned Blood for the Blood God or what have you. Or maybe just making the intestine look slightly more blue-violet might work, if it’s the dead look you are after? I just think you need a bit of contrast between those two areas.


      2. These are the things I was considering. I might try a bit of violet and maybe blood sliding/dripping across the surface. The beast has got violet tentacles so I could try to match it to that. The contrast will help, it’s good advice. I often find my colours merging together with my Nurgle stuff.


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