I have had this model in my possession since I started playing Warhammer 40,000. Back when my friend and I were in university together, one day while in Cardiff city, we were walking past the Games workshop there and he said something along the lines of “Hey, I used to play that game, Warhammer 40,000”, I told him I used to play Warhammer Fantasy and we decided to go in and have a game. We came out with the Battle of Macragge starter box and also a starter box for each of our chosen armies.

This Terrain piece has sat sad and unpainted for over 15 years in amongst my bits and has moved along with me from house to house. Its about bloody time that it got some attention. This easily qualifies this piece for either of Azazel’s February Scenery or Neglected Model Challenge.

This is also my 3rd complete piece for Jewel Knight Jess’s #Painthammer2019


Hope you all think it looks OK, I practised a little weathering again, with sliver scuffs on the edges and along the direction of travel on the flat surfaces as well as rust on the silver parts from sitting outside.  I don’t feel completely comfortable doing the weathering yet but I’m hoping that will come with practice and me asking the right people the right questions.  I’m happy with it anyway and I’m glad I can finally pop it into our group scenery box.

Also if you like the Crashed Aquila scenery you should check out Krautscientist’s effort which will no doubt be fantastic, he has already gone to the effort of adding a dead pilot in the cockpit, watch that space!


~Pandora’s Bitz Box~


  1. Very cool. I know that Krautscientist was working on one of these as well, and I have my own (still) back on the table, though I failed to get it done for either January *or* February – so extra kudos for getting it done!

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    1. I know Kraut is doing his, I made an effort to not think about that because I know his will be so much better, even excluding the awesome addition of a pilot. 😆

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  2. Excellent work, and cheers for the shout out! Unlike myself, you have actually managed to get this painted, whereas mine is still waiting for my current infatuation with old skook HeroQuest models to pass 😉

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    1. Ha ha ha. Yeah well I’m really trying to get some stuff on the table and I didn’t really have an excuse, they were already 80% complete.

      You’ve given me an idea with mind actually… I might come back to it and have the pilot having smashed through the window and half hanging out.

      No plans just yet though, another one for the project bank.

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