2019 Warbringer’s Wip 1

So here goes. I’ve been working away trying to get some hobby done. I have found that writing down a list of what I’d like to achieve has helped me massively. The plan for the Tyranids is this, I’m going to get everything I can painting to the base colours of red and incubi darkness for the plates for everything. Then I’m going to wash everything then and then finally I’m going to finish a squad at a time.

The only exception is the genestealers as I’m not painting them in two colours and following the box art but in red.


I’ve managed to base coat the Broodlord and swarmlord.

I’ve managed to get 16 genestealers highlighted and red done and now have just finished washing them ready for a final highlight.

So over the next week I’d like to get the Carnifexes base-coated and maybe some of the termigaunt or warriors.

Oh and I have a vision from the Omnissiah and ended up buying this.

When it’s too cold for me to paint in my garage I’m going to make these bad boys and then I’ll decide which will be my armies on parade.

Also need to decide on colour scheme.

I’m currently torn between these.


Cool colours really like them would do something like thunder hawk blue for the colour.


I love these guys too the orange colour looks so crisp. Similar but different to the standard Adeptus Mechanicus