No lengthy post full of a ridiculous number of hours worth of sculpting and cutting. Just a good old classic paint job.  This Model was bought for me by a friend (the recipient of the Khornate Knight), for Christmas 2017, so its just over a year old.  I was inspired to paint this model first for a few reasons…

  • I it had been hanging around built for a Year
  • I started him to use in a game just before Christmas for the first time
  • Ceri Robson, @Purplemonkey790 (previously of Warhammer community) and I challenged each other to finish our respective Toxicrenes in January.
  • Its a nice big model and so qualifies for Azazel’s January Challenge as a centre piece
  • I now only have TWO Tyranids left to paint.

So Here he is!


When deciding what faction to paint the dead terminator on the base I decided to dedicate it to my friend who got me the model, who collects Raven Guard. this was also a chance for me to practice painting black. Another little challenge was deciding how to paint a depowering/damaged power sword.


I added another space marine helmet to the base and decided to go with Salamanders for that one as Warbringer (of this blog) has recently started his own Tyranid army so I thought I would give him a bit of a nod too. Apparently despite their alliance, they failed to halt this wibbly Tyranid’s advance. I’ve also included a close up of how I painted the tearing tentacle tips. I didn’t want them to just be the purple flesh colour and the sharp blue, bone colour that I do as this didn’t really convey the toxic nature of its attacks the same way the mouth tendrils might, so I painted the same green in between the bladed segments.


So yeah, pretty happy with my first model of the year! I’m also delighted to say that in addition to Azazel’s Challenges I will be joining in this years #Painthammer2019, run by fellow blogger and all round lovely lady Jewel Knight Jess over on Silent Dream. Any bit of motivation I will take and I commend these nice people for uniting the hobby community with the goal of simply encouraging us to work on our projects.

Hope you’ve all had a happy hobby January!


~Pandora’s Bitz Box~



    1. Ha ha, thanks. That’s becoming a sort of theme amongst some of the models I’ve been doing. You’ll see his marines an another model in going to work n for February and when I made his Khornate Knight, that features the decapitates heads of the loyalist Marines each contributor on this blog owns! 😄

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