So yeah, Warbringer here I’m not sure, does anyone even remember me?

Since having my 3rd child I’ve had a small hiatus and really been struggling to get any hobby in. My newborn daughter is now 10 weeks and I’ve managed to grab some time to do a basing tutorial.

So I’ve tried to break this down into steps

  1. I use cork. It’s a great representation of concrete.
  2. I also keep a bits box of suitable bits for basing
  3. Finally you’ll need skulls as many as possible this is 40k after all
  4. Finally and most importantly you will need a base and some models to “base”.

So then let’s get started for real. I’m going to show up to 4 photos at a time and write down against each number what the steps I took.

  1. Get the legs and put them on the base. I do this to visualise the model on the base.
  1. Get some skulls ready and any other bits your going to add to the base.
  2. Tear up the cork into small bits and random sizes
  3. Finally I like spruce for girders etc.

Next after all the prep is done I start the gluing. I use super glue for all my basing.

  1. Glue down the cork space for the legs. You get about 30 seconds to move this depending on your glue.
  2. Add your base details. I added some plasticard tube, a skull and some sprue for the detail.
  3. Fill all the remaining base with some super glue and then stick it in the sand.
  4. Finally I check that it’s looking good.

Finally the base is done. I then will do something that’s not needed depending on how you paint. I like mine off the base to spray and paint with the airbrush.

I then wrote on the bottom the number so I can then join them up again after painting.

So there you have it hope you’ve found it useful.

Here are the 10 I made in about an evening took me about 2/3 hours in total.

Cheers for reading and here are some finished examples. Until next time.

Warbringer out.

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  1. It funny how much the coat of paint brings it to life and unites the components. They look really great. I have base my Tyranids… I’m not looking forward to that.


    1. No worries. Yeah cork is brilliant for bases. Can be used for all sorts of rubble, concrete, asphalt and more.


  2. Thanks for that tutorial, the mix of the components look great!
    One question: how thick is that cork you’re using?


      1. Thanks mate! I’m planning to do nearly similar bases but wasn’t sure which thickness would be right….


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