Mechanical November ’18 – Imperial Knight

Things have been pretty slow on the blog between the births of children and work being very busy for people, but I’m back with another entry into one of Azazel’s challenges, this time its Mechanical November, so a Vehicle of some sort.

Now I have a fledgling Adeptus Mechanicus army, its not huge and a lot of it is still on the sprue, but its there. Originally it was born from my getting an Imperial Knight (and an Aeldari Wraith Knight) as a fun surprise to fight alongside my Grey Knights in a big game we had at Warhammer World. It seems appropriate now that the first model that I would showcase for my Ad Mech army would be the very same Knight.





Now Im not going to say its the BEST I could do… lets call it table top standard. I’m regarding it as finished for now on the principle that if I have time in the future or parts of it bug me enough mid game then I will come back to it and work on it again. Its a lot better than before I picked it up for this challenge when it was basically Copper and brown with a featureless base.  I nearly didn’t bother finishing it because I thought I wouldn’t complete it in time… again… and… I didn’t. It’s already December after all.

Azazel however has been hampered again by a variety of pot holes in the road of life, resulting in him being a bit behind. Cue me desperately pushing a final effort on the Knight before his community round up is complete.  I’d like to thank Azazel again as always, for running these challenges. The function of which is to motivate himself and like minded individuals to work on projects they may otherwise have left for longer… in my case, this knight has been untouched for… years I think.

For the colour scheme, I really like that brown as a colour for Adeptus Mechanicus, its just always been there in my head, so I’d already started with that long before the Imperial Knights or Adeptus Mechanicus Codecies came out with their veriety of schemes, houses and forge worlds to choose from. Since then though with the advent of the 8th edition codex I spotted this little gem.


This was perfect for a variety of reasons, the first and foremost being that this is a Forgeworld that functions for the Grey Knights, its a no brainer really. Also, this Forgeworld has no rules, so I’m not constrained by either codex… which means I can pick what ever rules I like from game to game, another thing I like to do… or would if I ever got to play.

I hope you like it what I did with it, I am and I’m quite looking forward to getting some more of my Ad Mech up on the Blog. Please let me know what you think in the comments, if you have any questions, advice or even praise… I’m happy to hear any of it.  Thanks everyone and happy hobbying.


~Pandora’s Bits Box~