This will be another short and sweet post just to enter my unit for Azazel’s Unit-ed October Challenge.

I like to use these challenges to try and work through my piles of unpainted models, but the parameters for this (a unit of 3+ models) limited me basically to unbuilt models… which I didn’t have time to deal with. So instead I looked at some models I have used but never really be happy with.

My Thousand Sons were my second army after my Tyranids, I bought a whole army for a decent price of ebay, that was painted to be “Tournament Ready”. I thought… well that’s perfect, its like a base coat ready for me to put my personal touch on them. Then… I didn’t put any touch on them… until now!


Now… I am really happy with these Rubric Marines, even if I wouldn’t consider them “finished”. I did a pretty basic job of most parts of it, but if you compare the Aspiring Sorcerer to his twin, hopefully you’ll appreciate that this is good enough.


…Excluding the black undercoat, 3 colours is all you need to be tournament ready and this guy went wild with like… 4.

I’ve been admiring Ade’s (of Frag and Plasma) Scarab Occult that he has been painting at the moment on Twitch and he has been doing Non-Metallic Metal on them, which has always scared me a bit. Rabid Dog also asked me if I have ever tried it recently while giving me some feedback and I think I might give it a go on my Scarab Occult when I get them built just to see how it goes, I can always just metallic gold over it if it looks terrible.

Hope your all doing well and Happy Hobbying.


~Pandora’s Bitz Box~


  1. Rubric Marines are so cool looking. I’ve got a box that I still haven’t built and painted. Thanks for the reminder that I should probably get on that!

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    1. Yeah, do it! I enjoy seeing other people’s. I have two more units to get around to at some point and a unit of Scarab Occult on my Shelf of Shame that I am slowly trying to chip away at.


    1. Thanks! and yeah I know, I had previously been through your posts but only recently got around to saying anything, I think I’ll be a lot more regular visitor now. I have plenty more Thousand Sons to post up at some point, please feel free to swing by and have a look and give your feedback. I dont know enough other Thousand Sons enthusiasts, so your perspective is valued! So far I only have these Rubricae, a Helbrute, my possessed and a Spawn. I have a bunch of models to repaint though and a few interesting projects in the pipeline. 😊

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