Salamanders WIP Part 2 – Primaris Aggressors and more!

As you may have read from my first WIP post – Click here if you missed that one.

I thought I’d show a work in progress update on the Aggressors and some more of my work, stuff thats on the worktop and that I’m trying to complete.

My currently methodology is build as much as I can then airbrush and get base coated, then focus on repeating that and treating myself to painting a unit to completion each time round

This is what the aggressors looked like last time I posted and its where I left of:

Now I’ve managed to get them much further along, I noticed when undercoating that I had left off a piece of the armour from the right aggressors and his left leg, so I added that and re-basecoated.


I’ve now got them all started I’ve been going on the following colours in order all Vallejo colours (Game Air)

  1. Basecoat with Dark Green
  2. Zenithal highlight with Jade Green
  3. Highlight with Sick Green
  4. Highlight again with 1:2 mix of Sick Green : Scorpy Green
  5. Final Highlight of Scorpy Green

At the same time I’ve managed to get a bit more done!

The Forgefather Himself.


Honour Guard, Primarius Lieutenant and Librarian.

And the final piece, I’ve been working on a homage to all the blog authors on Krakendoomcool.

From Left to Right
Vt Sgt Pandora (Its a girls name but you tell him.) – TH/SS Terminator
Magni Warbringer – 2nd Company Techmarine
Brother Chaplain Kraken Doomcool – 2nd Company Chaplain.


Hope to have more for you soon! Warbringer.