So how do I Airbrush?

That’s the question I asked myself a few weekends ago. I’ve always loved watching the youtube airbrush tutorials and felt envious I couldn’t do the same.

I love the zenthial highlighting style but have struggled with rattle cans getting the same amount of control, duh I know right.

So I mentioned this to Krakendoomcool and being the upright gent he is, he offered me to “borrow” his airbrush and compressor and give it a whirl. (I’ve offered to buy which has now been declined)

I graciously took him up on his offer and thought I would do some research and write up a post on how I got on with the setup.

The Setup

So a pretty normal airbrush setup is as follows;

  1. Compressor – This is a piston type
  2. Receiver – Stores the Air
  3. Air Hose –  Transfers the air to the brush.
  4. Regulator – Controls the pressure (PSI/BAR)
  5. Air Brush – Takes the paint and allows it to be atomised by the air that goes through it.

This photograph shows the setup Krakendoomcool has lent me.

So It’s fairly straight forward.

I’ve sprayed my first model trying to get a semi zenithal style and I feel I’ve don’t a pretty good job. It uses more paint than I thought but I think that’s because I’m using Vallejo game air paints, they are pre thinned to allow them to be used with an airbrush. They are absolutley brilliant and make it so easy to control.

My initial thoughts are that using the game air paints is great straight in the airbrush no need to worry about thinning, using the thinner from Vallejo is also pretty easy though I’ve found that for 8 drops of paint to 2 drops of thinner works well.


  • Get airbrush paint
  • Get airbrush cleaner and use it
  • Use a spray bottle with water to clean cup.
  • Wear gloves
  • Have a light to make viewing everything easier
  • Have somewhere to spray into/onto
  • Use around 20-25 PSI

Thats it for now, its easier than I first thought but is finicky to get it right with managing the air, amount of paint, direction, model distance, angle of spray and air pressure.