Sven Bloodhowl

Sven Bloodhowl by Krakendoomcool

Sven Bloodhowl along with Egil Ironwolf were key conversions that made me realise I could carry on and make all the wolf lords. GWs versions of these models appeared in Curse if the Wulfen and I loved both of them. It really fired up my imagination as to what the other wolf lords might look like.


I recognised a lot of these bits and I had them lying around. Axe and head from the thunder wolf kit for example. In companies of fenris they even give you a painting guide of how to paint him. Particularly his hair, face tattoo and scars give him loads of character. I made a few changes to my one and basically totally stole ideas from other Sven’s online. This one particularly stood out for me…


He’s used the body and back pack from the blood angels Chaplain. The axe is cool too from the Wulfen kit. Sven swings his two handed axe one handed, such is his skill. The GW conversion is cool they’ve done wolfing up of the jump pack and used the Captain with jump pack to help give him a more veteran look and help him stand out. Amongst wolf lords he stands out as the only one with a jump pack. In a firehowlers army with a lot of jump packs and wolf guard with jump packs the winged jump pack helps him stand out even more. Is it too much? Too jazzy? Maybe, either way that’s what I went with in the end. The chaplain body I couldn’t get to work however. I had Geigor Fellhand and knew that unless I was going to use Krom’s body for every single Power armoured Wolf Lord I made I was going to need to find unique Power armoured space wolves. So Geigor fits the bill here. GeigorOff was a great idea someone had. A bunch of people converted Geigor and submitted them on the blog my personal favourite was this one by MrTumnus1987…

Geigor by MrTumnus1987

The dynamic pose was just so good! This guy means business. I tried to do this with mine. I retained the axe used by GW to try to keep him recognisable as Sven. Mine loses some of the motion that this one has but this is still where I got the idea for the pose for mine.


The next Sven I saw made me feel like a complete idiot. Sven’s chainsword (firefang) has fire painted on it to tie in with the company badge. So why not do what this guy did?..


If your trying to get the chainsword to look like the company badge why not use the chainsword with a wolf head already on it from the wolf pack kit! So simple but such a good tie in. I’d used the chainsword GW used on their Sven a ferocious looking variant from the thunder wolf kit. I was at the painting stage when I saw this idea and immediately ripped that chainsword off and put this one in.


So that’s my Sven Bloodhowl. Three Wolf Lords…nine more to come…