Welcome to the first Tale of More Warlords Community Round-Up. It has been really a great month for hobby progress on the Discord channel and on Twitter here is everything submitted.

Month 3

These round ups are going to be different to last years “Tale of Four Warlords” where my fellow bloggers and I built 1000 point armies from scratch.

This is a community challenge that I set out to run for all those who didn’t manage to get involved last time. There are lots of people in and I’m going to post the table at the bottom of the page and then each person individual photos in between.

Rules remain the same as the last challenge (Tale of Four Warlords)

Month 3 means everyone is starting to make great progress.

Lets see how everyone got on!


Well, I had no excuse this month as I’ve been locked in the house for over a week now thanks to Covis 19.
Fortunately for me I managed to pick up the Junith Erutia kit before my local GW shut down. I loved painting the pull pit, but Junith herself was another story. I just hope I can get my hands on more models before next months cut off. 


It was the big scary month for me; 6 units, 43 models… But I got it done. This has been a huge boost for me in a hobby sense, and for that reason I’m considering this a massive success. 

It was the big scary month for me; 6 units, 43 models… But I got it done. This has been a huge boost for me in a hobby sense, and for that reason I’m considering this a massive success. 

April will be a low model count month so it’s important to keep the flow going. 


I started late but here’s my Sisters so far! 272pts. 

Scapegoat Ste

So this month my pledge had been my Tyrant and the 4 Ironguts at a healthy 380pts. But I managed to smash through them quickly early in the month so put another battleline unit in of 4 Leadbelchers worth 160pts giving me a whopping 540pts done for this month! I chose to paint the trousers of my Leadbelchers in old world Nuln colours of white and black as a nod to Warhammer fantasy… In fact all the units have some element of colour from one of the Old World Empire regions 😉

Takes my full army to just over 1200pts painted in the last three months. Now to figure out what to do next month! 😁 

JB Paints

After getting fed up with the Stormcast, I switched back to an old project, Disciples of Tzeentch. I plan to focus on this and bring it to a playable state in time to start playing when all this lockdown is over.


For once I almost kept up to my word and managed to finish something. Two units even!
So I have now a general (a nice Iron Priest) and his Wolf Guards ready to protect his force with the help of mighty jetpacks.

I also assembled and based three eliminators and did take a little advance with three aggressors. All those were the ETB so I don’t take much pride in it but still.

And the family pic is starting to look promising so I’m on the good way now.

For next month I won’t add any model but will focus on painting what’s on my plate. No reason to rush it. And in the end I intend to aim for a 1000 points force so I’m keeping to my goal.


This month I added a pack of Long Fangs and a pack of Grey Hunters to my army. The two things I did learn this month are 1, Make absolutely sure heads will fit once the model is fully assembled and 2, make sure you read the codex entry for a unit carefully to make sure your loadout is legal. Thankfully both were easy things to fix, in one case I just painted a new head and in the other, I swapped some weapons around as I noticed it early enough to not cause any serious problems.

Donny Mutant Rich

I’m about half way through the primaris for the boys crimson fists now. Really pleased with how the ancient banner has come out and will sit nicely in the middle of all that firepower from the hellblasters. Had a late change of plan with the inceptors so did a thunder fire cannon instead. 


Finished a Warhammer underworlds warband I’ve been wanting to do for ages – Grashrak’s despoilers. Lots of fun to take on a wee side project, and get a break from the typical painting. 

Warbringer’s Round Up

A really good month and its great to see people come back with month 2, which I can tell you is the hardest month to do.

There has been some really solid work and I would like to highlight both

Craig – I love Warhammer underworlds and this beast grave war band is just brilliant the level of detail is great. I really love the beasts of chaos war band and the predator dude is amazing!

ZagoWillis – Zago has been keeping up really impressive work with the bearers of the word and the rate of adding in cultists has been brilliant to see.

Makes me want to get back on with the Iron Warriors but I’m currently on other projects!

Points Table

Alicia (@Ti_Dinzeo)771024
Rich Donny Mutant87621
Monthly ChallengesPoints
Playing a Game (Maximum of 2)1
Winning a Game (Maximum of 1)2
Increasing your army by adding more models/units (New Models Maximum of 4)1
Having a fully painted Leader (Maximum of 1)1
Having 1 fully painted troop squad (Maximum of 2)1
Having a fully painted force each month2
Basing all of your models (Pandora)1

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