Welcome to the first Tale of More Warlords Community Round-Up. It has been really a great month for hobby progress on the Discord channel and on Twitter here is everything submitted.

Month 1

These round ups are going to be different to last years “Tale of Four Warlords” where my fellow bloggers and I built 1000 point armies from scratch.

This is a community challenge that I set out to run for all those who didn’t manage to get involved last time. There are lots of people in and I’m going to post the table at the bottom of the page and then each person individual photos in between.

Rules remain the same as the last challenge (Tale of Four Warlords)

I’ve been really excited seeing everyone’s progress and the different armies taking shape.

Lets see how everyone got on!


I’ve been so exited to start a Sororitas army so its been a real treat to get my hands on the plastic models.

I started off with a HQ (A Canonness) and a basic troops squad. I really like the Seraphim so I wanted to paint a small unit of them as well. To finish off my planned 250 points, I decided to paint up a Repentia superior so I could practise painting fire.

I love these kits and I’ve had a blast painting them. Now to start planning month two!


I started where I usually start with an army; by building and painting a leader and a core/troop unit (in this case the Chaos Lord and Chaos Space Marines). I find that this usually gives me a nice combination of units that most armies start with, and with the army I have in mind for this, it seems like a no-brainer.

I’m very happy with how the first 11 models of the army have turned out; I’ve made a few mistakes that I’m confident I can correct going forward, and I’ve had the chance to try something new. Next months goal has a much smaller model count (3 models to be precise), so hopefully I can improve on the free-handing and skin from month 1, while treating myself to more ‘interesting’ models.

With the first ~250pts~ complete, I’m excited to start the next 250! As always, I’ll be posting up my progress on Twitter (@ZagoWills -Cheap Shill), so feel free to follow me through month 2! 😉


Sisters are really cheapish, meaning to get to 250, I had quite a chunk of models to get through. However, the news sculpts in the Sisters of Battle army box are a joy to paint. My favourites being the Sister Superior and Storm bolter Sister. I used contrast on the Arco-flagellants for a quick result and they turned out quite well. Basing was a pain, my first time using static grass and its quite messy. Overall, enjoyed it.

Scapegoat Ste

Started AoS last year with Nighthaunt but really struggled to focus on the painting of a death army after a bereavement so sold it all off.

Really wanted to play the game though as it looked fun and simple to grasp. Wanted an elite army so less models to paint and then the new Ogor Mawtribe book was announced! So went all in, I have about 3000pts to assemble and paint. This challenge gives me easy and manageable chunks to work on each month although due to high points cost of Ogor models I may smash the 250pts easily.

Month 1 I have finished a kit bashed Butcher (160pts) and 2 units of 3 Gluttons (120pts each) giving me a solid 400pts!

JB Paints

I’ve been out of the gaming side of the hobby for quite a few years and I’d really like to change that this year, building an army 250 points at a time is a really good way to help me get a painted army on the table, couple with the 12 months of hobby challenge to stop me inevitably getting bored painting similar models over and over. I’ve chosen Stormcast of the Celestial Warbringers Stormhost, when first released I wasn’t too keen on the Stormcast but I really love the diversity of the different models within the range, I’m looking forward to adding some of the mounted and winged options down the line.


This month was quite a lacklustre as I didn’t paint as much as I wanted, mainly due to literally no painting time during the weekends.
Nevertheless I managed to assemble the 5 Wolf Guards and their jump packs and slack a quick layer of metal on the dreadnought.
Next month will be busier for sure!


This is my second attempt at constructing and painting a Word Bearers collection. The first was many, many moons ago. I have a thing for painting characters, I find them alot more enjoyable than units so these are the characters I really wanted to do first. This was also the first time giving Contrast paints a go and they worked really nicely for what I wanted to achieve. All told I probably bashed these out in a couple of weeks, which tells on certain parts. Onwards however.

Donny Mutant Rich

It’s my son’s crimson fists that needed doing. I plan to finish all the Primaris marines by the end of TOWL. My progress so far is a captain in Phobos and 2 squads of 5 intercessors, Enjoyed the 250 points to paint as I don’t feel rushed to get them done

Alicia (@Ti_Dinzeo)

20 models was probably not the best idea to start with as proven by me finishing late. On the upside, it’s also the most models I have to paint for the challenge in one month so I should be able to catch up and stay caught up. Points wise the Blood Claws are 192 points armed with mostly Bolt Pistols and Chainswords, although two have flamers and the Wolf Guard, all with Bolters and Chainswords are 70 points putting me slightly ahead of the points total.

If I had to do it again, I’d concentrate more on these models earlier on in the month, I painted a load of Stormcast Eternals in January as well, or I should have switched to my Stormcast for this challenge. The lesson is learned though as this month I’ll be concentrating on 5 Reivers and Logan Grimnar first and not adding anything new to my queue until they’re done.

Points Table

Lets see how everyone ended up getting on.

Monthly ChallengesPoints
Playing a Game (Maximum of 2)1
Winning a Game (Maximum of 1)2
Increasing your army by adding more models/units (New Models Maximum of 4)1
Having a fully painted Leader (Maximum of 1)1
Having 1 fully painted troop squad (Maximum of 2)1
Having a fully painted force each month2
Basing all of your models (Pandora)1
WarlordsMonth 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Total
JB Paints5
Donny Mutant Rich7
Alicia (Ti_Dinzo)8


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