We’ve made it to week three of our Tale of Four Warlords. Last week wasn’t the most productive courtesy of the Aqshy levels of heat we had, let’s see if our intrepid warmongers have done any better this week…

Krakendoomcool: With two weeks to go I realised I hadn’t even made a lot of the models yet. So i got cracking into putting the 10 remaining cultists together. I have a few different ideas for how I want to make my cultists. As I’m making a chaos warband I really don’t mind having my units varied and banded together. The idea that took off the most was a gang of mutant scum types. I’ve been making them based on this lovely picture.


This guy was the first and showed me that the idea could be put into practice.


This silly guy is based on the left hand guy in the artwork, I really wanted to make this guy and wasn’t sure how. The combination of the big Nurgling type head in the blight kings set and the larger collar on the Genestealer Neophyte sprue was the answer.


I then made a guy who looks very much like a Mars Attacks martian or the aliens from ‘they live’. So I decided he should have the gold fish bowl helmet. This should really get some variety into these. Also gives the impression he is wasting away or needs a different atmosphere to survive.


These are quite close now. Finishing the 500pts by the 11 is theoretically possible but unlikely at this point. Let’s see!




There is 9 days left of month 1 which is by far the hardest month with 500 points. Hindsight being 20:20 I think we may have set this to 250 points instead. Never mind that’s done.

With the heatwave we had in the uk that took 3/4 evenings of painting off for me as the garage where I hobby was too hot.

I’ve managed to slowly get back on target and I don’t think I’m far off.

This is the one chaos space marine squad with all the base coats done and the main washes done. Need to do the face the eyes and the highlighting.

Then I have been working on the sorcerer at the same time so I’ve managed to get the same colours down.

All in all not bad and I think I’ll be able to do the rest of the squads by the close of the month.

Ritual: This week has been another challenging one, but I got over a couple of hurdles and feel like I might actually make it to the finish line now.

First up I finished painting my Psyker… She will have a proper name eventually once I’m not spending every spare waking hour painting and get to developing the lore for this army. I have loads of ideas bouncing around for that in my head, it’s just a case of getting some of it written down.

Not my neatest work, but from a distance it looks fine. Certainly passable as “tabletop” for the purposes of this challenge anyway! I particularly like the TMM I did on the dress, though I would have liked to have spent longer on this.

Handily the day after I finished her, this little beauty turned up from Russia (with love?)…

Lovely packaging. The models inside were pretty awesome too… They will definitely deserve a post of their own.

The headless Inquisitor is Greyfax, the dog is from Necromunda, the three others are from Artel W. The package had 2 other models in it that will be making an appearance in the future.

They are built with their bases now drying ready for painting next week.

It was about this point in the week I hit a bit of a rut. I knew I had to paint 4 more Wulfen, but the thought of pin washing and edge highlighting all of them was about the least appealing thing I could imagine. After having a bit of a strop, I came up with a cunning plan…. Just make my Wulfen grimy as heck.

A bit of an oil wash and some grime effects later, then some sponged on weathering and the next Wulfen was done. I’m glad I chose this technique – it will mean revisiting the one I had painted previously, but the weathering on that shouldnt’ take long and it’s quicker than doing things the neat way. Looks cool too.

That’s pretty good progress! A few little bits to finish off for these girls leaving me 4 models to go for the final week.

Pandora’s Bitz Box: The first things I concentrated on in the last week were my HQ options, the Abominant (to be in the list) and the Patriarch (not in the first 500 points). I wanted these ready for Azazel’s Jewel of July

After these it was time to get on with the hordes, so I worked on basing all over the Genestealers and the Aberants as well as starting on a lot of the details like metal, armour, skulls and claws.

I think its mostly done and I’m hoping to finish everything time time to have my first game with my chosen 500 in 5 days… hmm… when I say it like that it doesnt sound very long at all.

Almost there for the end of the first month… Join us next time for a round up of everything we have finished, and maybe some game results?

That’s all folks, see you next week with another update from the Warmongers!

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  1. Fantastic stuff, guys! I wish I had a local group these days for something similar, but your posts at least allow me to live vicariously through your own army building. 🙂


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