Hey guys for the Tale of Four Warlords and the ETL VII being run on Bolterandchainsword I’ve started a new force a black legion war band – Chosen of Nemeroth

I’ve been super busy building up my force and I’ve got most of everything built. I’ve been trying to get as much built as possible to give me the biggest opportunity to succeed in the first months 500

Building the legion


Here is the big man himself, he is such an awesome character and I was hoping I would be able to capture his essence I hope you agree I got somewhere near.


The Warlords

My Warlords

Month 1 – 1st Progress

I’ve been making good progress and got the havocs done, here are some final pictures and my progress photos too.

They’re about 80% complete I could do more to finish them off but I don’t want to be spending loads of time these are for gaming! I can always come back to them during the rest of the months with less to paint I can do more.

See you next week!


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