Another post about Warhammer Underworlds, this time about my main duardin the Thundrik’s Profiteers and the next steps of my Warhammer Underworlds hobby.

As I said in this previous post I’ve been diving deeper into Warhammer Underworlds : Nightvault, I’ve not painted a few of the warbands and I’ve been posting about it (HERE).

Thundrik’s Profiteers

These guys are amazing! I’ve always had a thing about dwarves/duardin as GW calls them now, from lotr where gimli is my favourite character in the books and in the film there is something about them with their plucky attitudes.

I picked up the box when taking my kids to the local GW, I was hoping to get the Sylvaneth as my next force however my daughter had ideas on those so i had to choose something else. Fyreslayers were one force I’ve always liked the aesthetic of but the shop didn’t have them, they could order them but I wanted something now damn it! Thundik and his boy’s where there and ready so I picked them up.

I got these models built and man they’re super cool. Gamewise their really interesting also they inspire when you score an objective card and then as a promotion mechanic with Thundrik chosing who to promote (normally starting with himself).

They’re all fairly strong in game, they are slow – 2 movement but they’re fairly tough and gain a wound when inspired two of my favourite in game are shown below, if you want to read more then GW Community do a great warband focus – click here.

Bjorgen Thundrik

Look at this guy solid one damage until inspired and every time you activate him all adjacent hexes are lethal means he’s great at board control.

Khazgan Drakkskewer

My main floaty duardin, hes got 4 move so quick for a duardin but impressivley that gives him a 6-7 threat range which is really good, use the right ploys to push him before or upgrade him with +1 or +2 speed and he

Hobby Update

So after all this here is my Warband, I’ve tried to spend more time on Thundrik and Drakkskewer as they’re my main guys and then focused on being quicker with the other guys focusing on getting the colours down and looking good on the tabletop and from the front.

I’ve been timing myself and spending about 2 – 3 hours on each of the warband wit the exception of Thundrik who I spent about 4 hours on and I’m really happy I did.



Next up, The Fyreslayer’s Chosen Axes and some more Salamander Progress for the Kill team.


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