Bloodbowl’s Nasty – kitbash Dark Elf Team

These are my kitbashed Dark Elf Bloodbowl players. The new GW Dark Elf team has just been leaked so it seemed a good time to show my efforts.


I really enjoy playing Bloodbowl and I particularly enjoy playing Dark Elves. They are quite a unique elf team. I tried to convey their character in the poses. I’ve used Dark Eldar and Dark Elf parts. The team are called ‘The double handsome dragons’. It is completely copied from an episode of Pokemon (don’t ask) and I found it an amusing tongue-in-cheek name for the Dark Elves arrogance.

2nd edition Bloodbowl was played on what looked like concrete. I guess it was pale stone in the setting. It looked entirely unforgiving and so totally appropriate for my Dark Elf team. This is why they aren’t standing on grass, it’s cold stone.



Rather than throwers, dark elves have runners. Their unique skill being dump-off. At the point of being tackled they can pass the ball. So I tried to convey them just at the point of being tackled. The balls are green stuff.



The blitzers go out and hunt down opposing players. So I tried to convey running and blitzing. They have dark elf knight torsos to bulk them up a bit. They all have face masks to give them a vicious look. On the team one of them is called Bane (like the masked villain from Batman).



A unique unit to Dark Elves again. The knives are concealed in the game to elude the ref so I’ve modelled them behind their backs (sort of). One of the challenges of making your own Bloodbowl team is to try to get the models to look natural with there weapons cut off. This was a nice break from that.

Witch Elves:


Another Dark Elf only player. The witch elves are the stars of the team. The gauntlets are just this side of full on weapons so seemed to match the frenzied attacks if the witch elves. The other one is doing the classic point and wind up for a punch. Once I’d cut the weapon away the hand was in the pointing pose. I’m a sucker for a pointing hand in Bloodbowl or 40k.



The one guy has a big spike but I feel he can get away with that, they are dark elves after all. The three on the left can go on the line of scrimmage. Blocking poses. The other three are more tackle poses, stopping opposition running past.


This guy is my favourite. In Bloodbowl you knock the opponents down. So this is a real ‘I did that’. Nice and arrogant for the Dark Elf. The thumb was a happy coincidence left from cutting away the weapon so I put it to good use.

Thats my Bloodbowl team. I really think Bloodbowl is the best game GW ever made. I play a lot of teams but Dark Elves are the best!

Here is GW’s new team…