Harald was a lot of fun to paint. He’s got a painting guide in ‘companies of fenris’ which was super helpful. I didn’t convert him or paint him differently. He’s a relatively recent (compared to Ragnar!) release. Like Krom the model and artwork are pretty consistent. It’s well established that is what he looks like.


The face was fun. He’s got a weathered look, like he’s been out hunting in the harsh elements for weeks (or drinking for weeks or both). Carroburg Crimson on that bulbous nose of his. A bit of Guilliman blue in the eyes. Stay frosty.

The axe was pretty fun and unique too. Like the ice troll skin the model has a few unique to Harald features.


A slight deviation from the paint scheme was the shield. I’d seen someone online do it up like the company badge. Like Sven’s chainsword it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.


A ripped apart Rubric marine completes the model. Something about the fact the highlight colour on the Rubric is Fenrisian Grey appeals to me.



That’s Wolf Lords number 7…5 left.


  1. Another real nice paint job. I try to do faces well sometimes for models i line more but i never quite get them the way i want. I really apprecciate the job on this guy. Also you put my Thousand Sons to shame with your shattered rubric, i need to knuckle down. I guess thats what this is all about though, inspiring people and learning. Thanks.


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