Gunnar Redmoon by Krakendoomcool

Gunnar Redmoon was another Wolf Lord with relatively little known about him. He appears at some point in the Space Wolf omnibus but I haven’t read that far! So what I knew was; he’s big, loud and likes the good company of Long fangs (for the krak).

So I put him in termie armour to make him look bigger and gave him a combi-plasma. As 8 of my wolf lords are without rules I’m going to be using the space marine captain unit entry for them in games. Scrolling through all those options and coming up with 8 different guys (most with axes). The combi-plasma was the option that most closely resembled long gang wargear.


The company badge was also a source of character for the model. I put the big wolf skull from Geigor Fellhands backpack in place of the (bear) head on the pelt on his shoulder. I also painted red and black were I could to tie in with the badge too. I painted a lightning strike on the combi-plasma as a nod to the long fang pack markings and put a sight on it.


The head is another one of my go to heads from the wolf pack kit. I think I’ve used this one four times. So I needed it to look a bit different. I went with a big old beard, trying to convey the big, loud and old character traits he’s known for. Or to make the Santa Claus Wolf Lord as my friends tell me.


So that’s my Gunnar Redmoon. 6 Wolf Lords in. The halfway point!



  1. I love this guy. Although a lot of his characteristics are behavioural and therefore difficult to represent physically, i think the beard alone gives him enough character to set him apart. Its a shame his loadout prevents him from having a heavy weapon, that woukd have been a cool indicator of his bold personality, but i think the combi plasma is a nice choice.

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    1. I really stuck to the index options. Combi-plas was as much fire power as I could get. Maybe I should have just gone for it and given him a heavy weapon. Release the chains a bit.
      The beard was a necessity as it was a stock head and far too recognisable (if you play wolves). Also lends him the jolly side of his personality. Probably the Santa comments stem from the beard too.


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