Welcome to the Tale of More Warlords Community Final Round-up its been great but now its over! Thats all folks.

Months 5 & 6

Rules remain the same as the last challenge (Tale of Four Warlords)

I had a month off as work was very busy and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend time in front of a laptop. This is the end of the tale of warlords this this year. Hope to do something similar towards the end of the year following 9th so stay tuned and if you’re not already join the uk hobby network discord – drop me a DM.

Lets see how everyone got on!

Rich Donny Mutant

For this months tale of warlords I’ve painted half a squad of infiltrators, intercessors and aggressors. I’ll be doing the other half next month. The infiltrators are possibly my favourite unit model wise in all the primaris range and will be looking to add more in future. 
I’m sure I had a fire under my bum this month as well as i finished everything within the first week and half (not like me at all) 
If I manage to do the same next month I’ve a surprise unit to do that I hadn’t intended to do yet. 

For the final month I’ve painted 5 intercessors,5 infiltrators and 3 aggressors. Having finished half way through the month I painted a bonus leviathan dreadnaught as a surprise to my son who’s army it is. 
I’ve had so much fun being involved in this tale of warlords and getting all of these primaris marines fully painted really gives me a sense of achievement as well as looking impressive on the table top. 
Breaking it down into small 250pts a month made me feel like I had plenty to get on with without the pressure of meeting the deadline. I’ll be using the method for the rest of this year to complete my many other projects. 

Scapegoat Ste

So I tried so hard to finish my Frostlord on Stonehorn. But got part way through and lost mojo… Luckily new 40K rumours and announcements came through so I quickly amassed some Sisters and began painting. Managed Celestine (plus friends), kitbashed Cannoness, 2x 5 woman squads of battle Sisters & 2 Rhinos a friend was going to turn into terrain! 😁 

Over 1500pts Ogor Mawtribes finished in 4 months and so far over 450pts in 1 month of Sisters. If I somehow manage to paint 2x 1500pt armies in six months it will be the most productive I’ve ever been! 

So busy month in June. I finished off my Ogors in April so did some Sisters in May and wanted to clear my back burner of Imperium stuff especially with 9th now on the way. I had a week off work which helped (was supposed to be a holiday but hey ho that didn’t happen) so instead I bashed through 1667pts of Imperium aligned models for 40K! I’m surprised by how productive I’ve been as well! That puts me at 2 armies over 1500pts done in the six months. I’m really happy and thankful to Warbringer for organising this. Now to work on more Sisters and Marines for 9th!


Coming into this month, I noticed I was only just under the 1500 points total for the entire army, so all I added was an Iron Priest. As I had so little to do, I decided to try and paint it as well as I could, taking a full day’s hobby time on each of the individual sub assemblies I had broken it down into. I’m really happy with how it turned out and it’s probably one of my best painted miniatures to date.

It’s been fun taking part in this, other than the month of Wulfen of course, and now, for the first time in 20+ years of collecting, I can finally say I have a full army, when I include some other units I’ve painted before this started, I can make a full 2000 point force. How well the army will do on the tabletop I don’t know especially as the next time I get to play we’ll be into 9th Edition but I think it’ll do okay.

Throughout the experience, I’ve learned more about how I like to paint and how to paint better so I’ll be using those lessons going forwards. I even have an idea what my next project will be.


Got quite a bit of genecult done this month!


My Slaanesh warband has had about 300pts of models painted this month, and more new ones getting assembled. Given I hadn’t even planned it at the start of the month, it’s been pretty good going!


Sadly no news since last month. I have a little over expected my ability to make some time for painting a single project over 6 months. I did my best though and will definitely take part in any other similar contest.
It was nice to see the progress from all the others and gave me some motivation.

Warbringer’s Round Up

What an end, we started with more but with everything going on in the world who can blame people for dropping out!

It’s been a great two months and looking now at how these forces have come along over the last 6 months has been great. I’m hopeful that by running this warlords challenge people have got more done than they normally would have done and now going into 9th edition and with their new shiny painting 1500 point armies in their back pockets hopefully lots of games in the future for lots of fun 😀 I think they can all give me some of their 10 victory points in return!

There has been some really solid work and this month I’m only going to highlight one person and that is ScapegoatSte managing to complete 1500 points of AoS as well as 1500 points of mixed imperium forces during the challenge is amazing! As you can see from the pictures painted to a great standard I honestly do not know how he does it.

I’m expecting it to be witchcraft. (Ste you will need to tell everyone your secret)

As this was a fun competition there is nothing to win bar the pride you competed and the models you finished throughout which should be enough!

When we’re able to do a meet-up I’ll buy you a drink of your choice*

Well done all – What did you think of the warlords?

Points Table

Richard Miller876710846
Alicia (@Ti_Dinzeo)771036639

Note * within reason limits chosen by me.


  1. Well… I’d love to explain my secret if I knew what it was. I think it’s passion. Being able to knuckle down and paint as well as having clear goals set. Hopefully with 9th edition and the end of lockdown in sight I’ll be able to get some games in! Really looking forward to getting the Sisters on the table! 😁 👍

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  2. This is a pretty impressive haul and even for those people that didnt make it all the way to the end, they have contributed to a monumental amount of minis being painted, we are almost into august and I have basically painted 2 miniatures, almost finished another 6 (hopefully over the next couple of days). This has been such a monster effort from everyone and I think its really awesome that everyone got involved. Thanks for running this man, very cool!


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