Start of a speed waaagh

I’ve always been a hobby magpie and if doing a tale of four warlords wasn’t enough I decided that this month I needed to paint more.

Orks have always been one of my favourite armies and I made and painted this guy about 4 years ago

Who is bigger than he looks and he’s got his dead shiny shoota and ova gubbins.

I always look at him when I go to my cabinet or add more models in so I decided take the plunge and get an Ork mode to paint for Azazels Jewel of July

I went to my local GW and had a look at all the Ork goodness and fell In Love with the new Kult of Speed models and the deffkilla wartrike especially I knew I had to have it.

I brought it, promptly rushed home and built it up followed by immediately starting to paint it and I painted it blue! I know that with red they may go faster but blue iz lucky!

Since this build and paint I’ve ended up purchasing 1000 points of speed waaagh. Which I’m blaming Azazel for my wallet would like a word.

Here are some of the work in progress shots and I’m hoping the rest of the army will be similar but I’m going to try contrast for majority of the orks bar the metallic vehicles.

Till next time Warbringer our.