This is a blog post dedicated to homages. Being inspired by the 40k artwork to make your models just like it. Talking about my homages and why I do them.

The Emperor and Horus by Mike McVey

Mike McVey’s recreation of the artwork Horus vs The Emperor (Adrian Smith 1990) as a diorama was my first glimpse of homages in 40k (or should that be 30k). This diorama is still at Warhammer World and definitely worth checking out if you’re there. This is what made me realise you could recreate your favourite 40k art as your models in your army. I was really impressed with it. It was such a good recreation and all the little details were so rewarding, like the Blood Angel space marine hiding under the flooring.

The codexes released around the time I was getting back into 40k were full of artwork. Each unit entry had artwork whether or not they even had models. So units like Flashgitz, thunderwolf cavalry and Arjac Rockfist all had exciting rules and no models. The appeal of these exotic units was great. If I could make these then not only could I use all those great rules but no one else will have these units.



This is my unfinished version of Arjac made mainly from the Wolf Guard Terminator box set. Before an official model was released.

Not only could you make models that didn’t exist yet by using the artwork as inspiration you could also copy poses and fill your rank and file with little homages…

As you can see, depending on how the parts fit you sometimes are making mirror images.

On some occasions I would see artwork I liked so much I would make the models having no idea where or if they could even go into the army…

In the Wolf Lords Project there were a couple more variations on the homage…

This Erik Morkai is in a different pose to the pic. I still used the pic for all the details etc. But I like to think it’s at least a few seconds later (dark Eldar is a dead giveaway).

The other form of homage which is a more recent version, a recreation of classic models, updating them and giving them a modern spin. Such as Ragnar Blackmane…

Then there are the official models that are so bad you just need to make your own. Obliterators and the Ork warbuggy are great examples of this. So back to the superior artwork for inspiration…

You can play around with the photos to try to get them to look more like the artwork too.

Over the years I’ve been speaking to the other authors on this blog about homages and they’ve both gifted me a homage each. Which was very kind of them.

Warbringer as a former Space Wolf brother in arms had an unwanted Iron Priest homage. One of the few artworks I hadn’t attempted to recreate from the 5th edition codex. So doubly lucky me…

Then as a surprise Pandorasbitzbox made me this homage…

This is me (Krakendoomcool) as Drake from Aliens as an inquisitor from Fenris! All those things are pretty much mutually exclusive but who cares! This is amazing and a fitting way to finish my article on homages.


  1. I think my favourites in terms of representing the artwork are the regular spacewolves. I think its so cool thst there are these secret little gems in an a whole army. The artwork becomes like war photography. So many people must be making the rewarding, big name characters but to see the regulars not only sivdynamic but crafted in the image of an artists painting is one of the most inspirational things id seen. Its what made me look to the art for my Grey Knight Techmarine and Dreadnought. Knowing you was even better because it meantvthid wasnt someone on the internet with potentially vast time, resources and experience. It was someone like me. Which gave me the motivation to try. So thanks for that. Great stuff, im hoping to see more of those orks and Nurgle soon too.

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    1. I love these homages krakendoom! The details that are picked up are great. It’s a inspiration for me, I love creating homages but sometimes I stop when I can’t create an exact version. Seeing yours has made me realise I just need to make them in the spirit of the artwork.


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    2. I’m sure everyone’s in the same boat, we all have to deal with real life sometimes.
      The simple ones are just that, quick and easy homages. As I was posting them I was wondering why I hadn’t find more to look like the artwork. But it’s all on the scale. It’s all what inspires the models.


  2. These are awesome. As mentioned above, the regular Marines who blend into the army are the highlight for me, they must help make the force look just like a piece of art. Little flares of style to brighten the whole. I didn’t do this for the bulk of my Dark Angels, although I may for some further Deathwing, what I really need is an influx of Primaris DA art to copy as I imagine that’s where the bulk of my future projects will be.

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    1. Thanks Jamie, they don’t seem to do the artwork the way they used to. It feels a bit more functional these days. For the Space Wolves anyway. The primaris are pretty stylish anyway so don’t imagine you will have a problem there.


  3. Yeah, I actually went online and moaned about the DA art when the 7th. ed. Codex came. Something about the newer pieces felt sanitized or suchlike, lacking a little in passion. Not all new art is like that, the Imperial Fists clearing away dead Iron Warriors in the new rule book is awesome, but I need the middle ground between clean and Blanche.

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    1. There are some exceptions. But i agree with you. Some of the new pieces really just fulfil the role of being artwork of the model in question. Lack of imagination or interesting features. Back in the day Mark Gibbons (MG) was the guy for me.


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