This next project is a bit of an odd one as i play a completely Tzeentch aligned army. Once again though, circumstance gave me an opportunity and that opportunity came in the form of a potential Daemon Prince of Slannesh

It’s basically Tzeentch with nipple clamps right?…

For Christmas one year i had an Avatar of Khaine from a friend. Which was cool… He knew i had an Eldar army i inherited. What he didnt know was i also had a fully, well painted Avatar of Khaine already. I told him and he asked me if i wanted him to exchange it. I said no though, i would use this gift and make something of it… Then it hit me, the perfect solution. I would pervert this model into a minion of Slannesh, the God that the Eldar fear the most.

When coming up with the rough design, i took some things into account. I wanted it to have some human like aspects, so it would look like some elevated to daemonhood… But also have two additional clawed arms so if i fancied a change i could use it as a Keeper of Secrets. I also wanted the option give it the ability to fly. Finally, even though i never used it i thought the rules for the Black Mace were cool and there werent enough mace toting daemon princes. Finally i wanted the model to be sufficiently different from the original that its wasnt obvious, but noticable to someone who know the Avatar of Khaine.

I kept most of the model and reposed it into a more dynamic leap (hoping to simulate the flying ability) with plenty of sawing, cutting and pinning. I have a lot of Tyranid spare parts, and some of them seemed ideal for this task. A couple of big spurs did well to create a crest on his head and his bland looking back got some fleshooks to break it up a bit.


I got a couple of claw like arms from a friends spawn spares, then a smaller claw arm from a possessed marine that had more human areas to give the impression of a human having ascended to princehood. The last arm was made from a big prince arm, but i kept the avatars hand and then made the mace from scratch. (With hindsight, its a bit TOO big, but you know… CHAOS!!!). Finally i wanted him to have those animal like legs, i think they are just more associated with speed and agility. So sculped the lower third of the leg out of green stuff to replace the avatars original feet.

…and there is my Slannesh Daemon Prince for my Tzeentchian army. Although even i didnt expect it, nothing happenes with Tzeentch having a hand in it. So i guess it all went Just as Planned…

Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment, maybe you found it interesting or think you could give us some advice!

Oh, as a little bonus I’ve decided to add some comparison photos between my conversion and the original Avatar after we had some interest in this article. I cant take credit for the paint job on the Avatar, Krakendoomcool (founder of this blog) painted that Avatar years ago and when he wanted to sell his army I bought some of it off him including this guy.  I guess they had sentimental value to me after I saw them kill my Tyranids so many times.  Enjoy!


~Pandora’s Bitz Box~

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