Making, creating, converting and painting all twelve Wolf Lords.


About a year ago I realised that making all twelve of the Wolf Lords was suddenly a possibility.

The Grand Annulus and the names of all 12 Wolf Lords has been around for a long time (4th edition?). Most only had a paragraph of words dedicated to them at the time.

Since then a few key pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

A couple more of the Wolf Lords had been released. Harald Deathwolf and Krom Dragongaze.


Curse of the Wulfen came out and GW had converted 2 more Wolf Lords in Egil Ironwolf and Sven Bloodhowl. Tommie Soule had made the definitive Ragnar Blackmane. Someone else had done an incredible Erik Morkai, there was also an Audio short story featuring him (giving away his wargear) and artwork showing what he might look like.

00B134A8-79ED-47CF-B2A3-02B217B2A8A2Bran Redmaw was Sculpted (although not released) so I could see what he might look like.


This left about 4 Wolf Lords I could make up myself. That was very achievable if I built up some momentum.

A couple of great forums were inspiring too. Show me your Wolf Lords and Geigor Off were great inspiration.

All of the Wolf Lords have been made by someone already but as far as I can tell from a quick google no one has made all 12.


At this point I’ve made all twelve and painted 10. Ive made this blog to show them off and hopefully help me get them finally all painted and finished.








    1. Thanks for your interest Joshua. With the codex coming out I’m excited again and have resumed painting Bran Redmaw who should be finished any day now and be up. Then Bjorn soon after, hopefully.


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