I’ve been on an rollercoaster of hobby progross and times of lull with the Orks.

With COVID and the GW closures I was meant to get Ghaz in March but that didn’t happen so I cut my teeth with Nozgrot Gitstopma a mini ghaz conversion I have made.

Finally it is time for me to get Ghaz done and boy was I super excited to do Ghaz, Makari and some Nobs from the boxset at point of writing I’ve only got the mega nobs left to build and paint!

The Start

There was only one pose for me out of the options so here he is built.

I then split down the model into sub assemblies and started on the claw, you can see the base colours blocked in and then I started to weather this takes a while but is mega fun. Take you’re time and go slow.

With the claw done I spent the next couple of nights painting the shoulder guards and the tooth claws

I wanted Ghaz to be himself and just be a death skulls version of him so I wanted to add in more black and red than I normally would add into any of my normal Orks which you can see on the claw and the chin guard.

Next was the face, I really wanted to push my painting ability out and do the best I can with this one. I’ve made a tutorial for the lens which will be coming out shortly.

Following the face most of the model done and it leaves the weathering which I’ve said before is my favourite bit lots of rust wash, chipping all over and some scratches.

Here he is done.

This was great fun, I based as I normally do and added a space wolf head.

Final Pictures.


The Nobs

I forgot to take progress pictures of these guys.

Here is a couple of Bonus pics of the entire army!

Warbringer out until next time

About the Author Warbringer

Where to start! I’ve been collecting, building, painting (sometimes) and playing 40k since the late 90s. My high school did 40k in 40 minutes and I promptly joined the schools 40k club and it's spiralled since then, I now have a varied range of models spanning Tyranids, Space Marines and some individuals from other armies like Orks even starting AoS Follow me on twitter @warbringer11


  1. Outstanding work mate. Something that I started thinking about while i admired your work was just how far painting has progressed since the late 80’s when I got into this and all of the 90’s. I feel quite confident in saying that your Ghaz, if enmtered back then would be a shoo-in for a Slayer Sword. But now, it’s “just” an(other) amazingly well painted model on the internet. You know, *”just”*.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks! I know the feeling, I wish I could do this in the 90’s when I started but I’m really proud of where I’ve managed to get to. I finally have the army I dreamt of having when I was a kid. I’m loving every aspect of this hobby right now.

      Liked by 2 people

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