Finally I’ve finished all 12 Wolf Lords. Took some doing in the end. Really dragged my heals for the last two. But here they all are in one post.

The blog started with this project and it feels pretty good to get it done. The names are linked to the original blog posts. If your interested have a click and I go into detail on the conversions for each one.

Ragnar Blackmane

It all started with Ragnar Blackmane. He’s very heavily based on Tommie Soule’s conversion. But I was so pleased with how he came out it gave me great momentum to try and make more Wolf Lords.


Egil Ironwolf

There was a version of Egil Ironwolf and Sven Bloodhowl in ‘Curse of the Wulfen’ so I based my versions on them.

Sven Bloodhowl

Still not sure if he’s too jazzy. No one has said so but I suspect Wolf purists aren’t a fan. The idea behind the wings was he would stand out when I make his entire Great Company (ha!) as he will be amongst a lot of jump packs.

Krom Dragongaze

Built Krom as normal. His base model is very nice anyway, actually used his body for Ragnar and Bran too.

Engir Krakendoom

One of my favourite conversions. I liked him so much I named my online presence after him (Krakendoomcool).

Harald Deathwolf

Another stock model. With the stock models I think I tried to push the painting side as that was all there was to do. Tried to get his red nose in.

Gunnar Redmoon

Relatively plain this one. I pushed the wolf skull iconography as per the company badge. One of my best green stuff beards.

Kjarl Grimblood

Very much went for the fire angle with Kjarl. Couldn’t resist a flaming sword after having the idea. Maybe watching Game of Thrones.

Erik Morkai

Still one of my favourites. Nice for me personally that Jon Sullivan (the artist who did the pic he’s based on) has seen him.

Logan Grimnar

Another stock model. He’s magnetised on that rock if I ever get around to finishing his chariot.

Bran Redmaw

Possibly the best GS I’ve done with the beard and hair on Bran.

Bjorn Stormwolf

Lastly Bjorn. Getting those arms to hold the double headed axe was challenging.

‘paint over’ by Artists Empire

Artists Empire made my day by doing a ‘paint over’ of one of my pictures. Really sets the scene and brings the models to life.

So with the Wolf Lords all done it’s time to make their Grand Annulus!…


  1. As a long time wolves fan this is really impressive work and good to see them all like this. Inspiring stuff and slick looking blog as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love these mate, really have a few favourites but the stand out two for me are

    Kjarl Grimblood – the post and the facial expression is just epic here.

    Bran Redmaw – loved the FW model they never released.


      1. I know you did but I think you did a great job with the modelling and the painting! I wonder why they never released it in the end.

        Liked by 1 person

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