Hey all, time for a quick update on one of the many projects I have going on.

Project Wolfspear is my mixed Imperium army that will eventually include pretty much any model I thought was cool enough – as I couldn’t decide on just one single army to work on. There is a rough 2000 point list that covers off the major units and conversions I wanted to tackle… but who knows where it will end up.

Wolfspear is the Space Wolves successor Primaris chapter, but I may eventually end up changing the name and coming up with my own lore around it, but for now it’s a good enough name.

First up is what will eventually be a Wulfen, converted from a Reiver body, Terminator arms and then a few bits and bobs for accessories. I am waiting for a head and backpack delivery to finish this one off…

I took a bit of time to work out the basing I was going to do for this army, I wanted something that the grey would pop against but I didn’t want to do the pure red “martian” landscape you see about the place, instead I went with something slightly more subtle and mixed in some grey and stone pigments to make it look a bit dusty.

I made pretty heavy use of the pigments, and also got to try out AK Interactive’s Engine Grime and Engine Oil enamels, I like them a lot and will be using them later on for weathering up the metallic bits of the Knight…

The ruined building supports were made from bits of sprue trimmed down and mangled up with a hobby knife, and then drilled and had a piece of paperclip inserted into the end.

Quick, but reasonably effective in my opinion. I made 20 or 30 of them for future use.

I was as far as I could get with the Wulfen at this point, as I’m waiting for third party arms and shields for the rest of the squad. I decided to move on to the Imperial Knight.

As this is going to be a reasonbly small army, and there are going to be a fair few conversions and elite units I wanted to make sure the Knight was going to be special, so when I started I knew I wanted to do some freehand, and had a very loose idea for one of the pauldrons, so started there.

From a grey base layer I started sketching out the rough design for one half.

From here I neatened up the edges and added in some details.

I was pretty happy with how this half came out, but it was the other half that was going to be the real challenge.

Somehow it actually came out pretty well! I sketched out the shapes using thinned down paint and then built up the colours from there.

After the wolf was done it was just a case of putting in a background for this halves scene.

Paint pot for scale.

The runes read “Ashild” and “Abido” – the names of two of the wolves I want to do for this army.

I was very happy with how this pauldron came out, but the pressure is on now to continue that quality through to the other armour plates I want to do freehand on; I have started coming up with ideas for those.

After some rather intense bit of fine painting I felt like smashing some cream cheese (or wall filler, whichever…) onto a base, so started working on the Knight base.

This needs to dry properly before I can add some smaller rocks and stones and then some sand for texture.

Finally, I made a start on one of the legs of the Knight.

I am pretty happy with how the weathering came out with the AK Interactive kit, with some enamel thinners it was easy to create the streaks and grime up the place.

Plus I got to paint some hazard stripes, so I can tick that off the bucket list.

Bloody intense! A lot done for one weekend, and there’ll be more to come. I am aiming to stick to the 1 hour a night mantra for this project so I can keep myself motivated on it. Thankfully there’s a huge amount of variety in it, so if I get bored of one particular aspect I can easily to hop on to one of the others.

Until next time!


    1. Thanks, I have given myself under July 28th to finish it, which is the next meetup at Warhammer World – progress is generally on track!

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  1. You’ve set the bar pretty high for yourself with that shoulder pad. I think it’s a great design and execution. Particularly the rune Wolf.

    The bases are really great. Lovely colours in there and what a great use for old sprue. Saving the planet as well!

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    1. Yeah, I haven’t started any of the other armour plates yet – but I do have a couple of ideas for them, just hope I can execute it properly now.


    1. I find it easier on a model than on paper honestly, also paint is easier to undo! Thank you though, I am sure with practise everyone is capable of it.

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